Welcome to Union Grove online. We are excited that you have shown interest in our church. We are a community of people who desire to see life change in the hearts of people. Union Grove is a place where you will find a friendly, loving, caring, and vibrant atmosphere. We understand that in a church our size, it might seem difficult to find your place, but rest assured there is a place for everyone! Come worship with us this Sunday. See you soon!

Our Doctrine

Union Grove Baptist Church is a church that...

  • Believes in the Bible: Our belief is that the Bible is God's Holy Word, a perfect book, serving as our ultimate authority in all matters of life. 
  • Is on a mission with God: Our mission is to reach Piedmont, North Carolina, America, and the world for Jesus Christ.
  • Believes in the magnificence of God: Our church believes in God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and in the Holy Spirit of God; this magnificent and only God and Creator of the universe is One.
  • Believes there is only one way to real life here and eternal life in Heaven: Our church believes that Jesus Christ is the only way to meaningful life on this earth and to eternal life in Heaven, and both of these are only possible by having an intimate and personal relationship with Him, both beginning with a life-changing experience with Jesus Christ.
  • Believes in the power of the Holy Spirit of God: Our church believes that the Holy Spirit of God comes to live inside of you and serves as your spiritual power for daily living when you have this life-changing experience with Jesus Christ.
  • Believes in meeting the needs of people: Our church believes that we are to serve others by meeting their needs.
  • Believes in making a difference: Our church believes that we are here to relate effectively to the culture, but we are also here to transform it through the power of living biblical principles.

For a more in depth view at what we believe, check out our Statement of Faith.